3D Prototyping and Direct Manufacturing

3D Prototyping & Direct Manufacturing

Before products go to full scale production, there is often a need for a model or mockup to prove the design or concept, or to test form or fit.

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Fast, Cost-Effective 3D Prototypes and Low Volume 3D Production

3D PrototypingOur clients use 3D rapid prototyping to sell their ideas or to save thousands of dollars pre-testing fit before making an actual component out of more expensive metals or other materials. 3D printing and manufacturing prototyping service provides an ideal solution for rapidly and cost effectively producing actual-size, working, color, prototypes.

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blow mold for direct laser sintering

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Direct Metal Printing uses additive manufacturing technology. In the machine, a high-precision laser is directed to metal powder particles in order to selectively build up thin subsequent horizontal metal layers.

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SLS Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

(SLS)  is the technology of choice for a range of functional manufacturing and prototype applications and, including those with snap fits, living hinges and other mechanical joints.

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SLA Stereolithography

Steroelithography (SLA)              

(SLA) models offer the most accurate type of fit/form prototype for the verification of any design before committing to your chosen production route.

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Multijet Printing

MultiJet Printing (MJP)

MultiJet Printing (MJP) is a new Rapid Prototyping process that provides a quick turnaround for smooth, high-resolution, hard plastic parts with complex geometries.

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color jet priting

ColorJet Printing (CJP)

CJP is perfect for creating full-color concept models, architectural models and demonstration models.

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jewelry rings wax patters

Jewelry Wax Patterns

The focus of jewelry is on the design.  For this reason, many professionals in the industry have embraced our technologies to reduce the time and labor required in manufacturing.  Our high definition 3D printing service provides an affordable, reliable and quick turnaround means of producing finely detailed jewelry wax patterns and models that give back hours to designers to create and grow their business. Not ready to make that big capital investment in a 3D Printer? No problems we can provide all your printing needs at our facility.

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Fused Filament Fabrication

Fused Filament Fabrication  (FFF/FDM)

FDM / FFF is often used to build complex geometries and functional parts, including prototypes, low-volume production pieces, manufacturing aids and jigs and fixtures.

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quickcast patters investment casting

QuickCast Patterns / Investment Casting

QuickCast is an SLA build style and was created to meet the needs of the Investment Casting industry. QuickCast patterns were the first direct pattern (patterns created via a 3D printing.

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cast urethane

Cast Urethane

Cast Urethane, RTV Molding and Polyurethanes refers to a low volume production method that produces parts from cast urethane plastic material for prototyping purposes.

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tools jigs and fixtures

Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures

Tooling is the process of producing production grade injection molded parts by forcing heated thermoplastics into a mold cavity to produce the desired component.

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reverse engineering scanning

Reverse Engineering / Scanning

3D scanning for reverse engineering creates 3D design CAD models directly from physical parts.

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3d laser scanning inspection


Quality inspection using 3D laser scanning is a fast and simple way to compare your as-built physical objects to their as-designed digital model, easily uncovering surface deviations such as warpage, tooling deterioration and other manufacturing defects.

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