QuickCast Patterns / Investment Casting

Investment casting has, without a doubt, earned its place in manufacturing. The lost-wax process has proven to be a cost effective way to produce prototypes, short runs or full production metal components. Parts can be reduced in weight, tolerances of ± .005″ per inch held, and expenses­ and time involving machining and finishing reduced or eliminated. The bottom line is, many parts are perfect candidates for investment casting.

QuickCast is an SLA build style and was created to meet the needs of the Investment Casting industry. QuickCast patterns were the first direct pattern (patterns created via a 3D printing

QuickCast patterns for investment casting have had the most profound effect on this industry. QuickCast replaces the time consuming process of creating tooling to produce wax patterns, allowing the review of metal designs in days instead of months.

QuickCast patterns are a hollow SLA build style with hexagonal support structures.

The QuickCast build style consists of a hollow stereolithography pattern with an internal hexagonal support structure that adds strength to the pattern, allows for easy drainage, and facilitates collapse of the pattern during thermal expansion to help avoid cracking the shell. QuickCast patterns provide several advantages compared to other direct patterns including low moisture absorption, high finish, dimensional stability and capabilities of producing large assemblies.

Where you just need QuickCast patterns printed or a full turnkey investment casting solutions, LI ProParts can supply you needs.

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