SLA Production Series

Production 3D Printers

Projet 5500X

Genuine SLA for the Ultimate in Accuracy and Economy

3D Systems, the inventor of Stereolithography, brings you legendary SLA® precision in production 3D printers, fine-tuned for cost-efficiency and unrivaled availability of materials. These advanced 3D printers produce exact plastic and composite material parts without the restrictions of CNC or injection molding. With accuracy and surface quality of this level, you can produce low-to-medium run parts at a lower per-unit cost and build massive, highly detailed pieces faster.

Advance Your Part Manufacturing Workflow

3D Systems SLA Production Printers Transform the Process of Creating Casting Patterns, Molds, End-use Parts and Functional Prototypes

• Develop and produce products without the hefty cost and time of CNC machining or injection molding.
• Reduce the costs per unit for low-to-medium sized runs.
• Match your exact mechanical and optical specifications with the broadest range of materials available.
• Cut finishing time and enjoy the best surface quality available from any 3D printer.
• Identify design flaws early with true-to-design accuracy and surface finish.
• Produce large, whole parts and cut both the time required for assembly and part weakness associated with attachment points.
• Streamline the path from CAD or scan to final part production.

A Range of SLA 3D Printers to Fit Your Exact Requirements

iPro™ 8000 and ProX™ 950 SLA printers build parts with outstanding surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances. Models come in the following build volumes:

• 650 x 350 x 300 mm (25.6 x 13.7 x 11.8 in)
• 650 x 750 x 50 mm (25.6 x 29.5 x 1.97 in)
• 650 x 750 x 275 mm (25.6 x 29.5 x 10.8 in)
• 650 x 750 x 550 mm (25.6 x 29.5 x 21.65 in)
• 1500 x 750 x 550 mm (59 x 29.5 x 21.65 in)

ProX 950
• Two lasers work simultaneously
• Amazing speed – Print a full size dashboard in days not weeks
• Huge parts with highest detail, accuracy and edge definition in 3D printing
• No seams – Single-part durability
• Material efficient – All unused material stays in the system

Other Features include:
• One-year warranty
• Controlled by 3DPrint™ software for optimal operations and expertly integrated system elements, sophisticated systems sequencing and real-time controls and monitoring

Dozens of High-quality Materials to Choose From

Material Spotlight:
Accura® Xtreme – Tough grey plastic to replace CNC-machined polypropylene and ABS articles.
Accura® CeraMax™ Composite – Composite material for manufacturing stable, high-stiffness and abrasion resistant parts.
Accura® Peak – Stiff plastic material for heat-resistant components.
Accura® CastPro – Highly accurate material for stable investment casting patterns using QuickCast™ technology.
Accura® ClearVue – High clarity plastic for a multitude of applications.
Accura® Xtreme™ White 200 – Ultra tough white plastic to replace CNC-machined polypropylene and ABS articles.
Accura® 25 – Flexible plastic to simulate and replace CNC-machined white polypropylene articles.

3D Systems SLA 3D printers enable manufacturers and engineers in a variety of industries to swiftly integrate new manufacturing processes and produce the parts they need more efficiently

• Aerospace
• Medical devices
• Manufacturing master patterns
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Orthodontics and dental
• Turbine production

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