What Products Are Made From Additive Manufacturing

With the advancement of technology, it has become easier for printers to print in layers. This advancement has resulted in 3D printing (or additive manufacturing). It became popular because of its accuracy and ability to make complex designs possible. There are different types of printers used in 3D printing, but all printers follow specific guidelines. These guidelines include creating objects by depositing layers of material that harden after they are applied to the product created. With this type of technology, there are several applications ranging from rapid prototyping to satellite parts production. The question is, what products can you make using this process? In today's post, we're sharing the answer, so keep reading to learn more.

Object made with additive manufacturing

Types Of Objects You Can Print Using Additive Manufacturing

Since there are several types of printers used in additive manufacturing there are also different materials that you can print with. In most cases, printers use plastics and polymers because of their ability to get fine details in detail, but they can also be used to create objects from metal alloys or composites. Because of the diversity of materials that these technologies have been tested on, additive manufacturing has a wide range of applications used for metal casting, jewelry, food, fashion, and more.

Additive Manufacturing and Metal Casting

In the case of metal casting, 3D printing is used to make objects with metals like aluminum or titanium. Using this technology in producing parts for aircraft has allowed these vehicles to be created with less fuel emissions. It also reduces the time it takes to produce parts by 60%, which helps aircraft be made and sent to areas in need.

Metal casting
3d printed cast

The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is another industry that has benefited from additive manufacturing because of its ability to produce objects with various materials and increase accuracy in complex designs. The technology allows for the production of custom-made prosthetics, orthotics, implantable medical devices, and surgical instruments. Because doctors can create casts and molds of patients' body parts, more accurate and faster diagnoses can be made.

How Else Is Additive Manufacturing Used?

For the production of jewelry, additive manufacturing has allowed artists to create custom items for their clients without so much waste. It also speeds up the design process because there's no need to create a mold or cast that takes weeks or months to do.

Object 3d printed

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