XYZprinting K-12 STEAM

A total 3D printing solution


STEAM Education 3D Printing Solution

XYZprinting K-12 STEAM is a 3D printing technology-based curriculum, designed to help you and your students learn the STEAM K-12
principles and prepare for the future.

XYZprinting provides a complete action-ready solution for every classroom environment. Our online curriculum will show you step-by-step
how to deliver an engaging STEAM-based lesson, using child-centric 3D software and 3D printers along the way. We’ve got everything for
you to expand your children’s horizons and foster innovation today

Why XYZprinting

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Custom Kits for Different Classes

XYZprinting’s classroom kits offer
a great selection of tools for every
classroom environment. Whether
you are buying for one classroom
or creating your own school’s
makerlab, we’ve got your options

Great Tools Make Great Work

Our product suite has been
designed to enable students to
quickly prototype ideas.  With
beginner friendly modelling
software such as XYZmaker,
create a model quickly and send
it through to one of our 3D
printers to print in no time at all.

Innovative Curriculum

Follow our new STEAM based
curriculum and teach your
children to be innovators.  Our
curriculum has been tailor-made
to fit into a classroom
environment and easily work
with our printers and software.

XYZprinting K-12 STEAM curriculum features

K-12 STEAM’s curriculum is a collection of paid lessons, created by
like-minded professionals that can be downloaded and used right-away
in the classroom.


3D design principles

The curriculum has an emphasis on
teaching 3D design principles and
encourages collaborative learning
and problem solving skills.


NGSS Based

Created with Next Generation
Science Standards (NGSS) in mind,
these lessons can easily be mixed
with existing school curriculum or
work as stand-alone units.

What is NGSS?


Classroom-ready lesson plan

Start teaching 3D design principles
quickly with all the background
research done for you.

3D-Printing-for-K-12 STEAM-Education-Kits

How do I get a kit?


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Download a PDF of the XYZprinting K-12 STEAM curriculum syllabus for more information.