Quality Inspection for 3D Parts

Quality inspection using 3D laser scanning is a fast and simple way to compare your as-built physical objects to their as-designed digital model, easily uncovering surface deviations such as warpage, tooling deterioration and other manufacturing defects.

You can realize significant and quantifiable results by improving your manufacturing process with LI ProParts quality inspection services

Traditional quality inspection techniques involve using a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which requires contact with the object being measured. While CMMs are great for capturing prismatic features, 3D laser scanning is the ideal choice for capturing data of complex and freeform shapes for inspection purposes. Because 3D laser scanners capture surface detail in such high resolution, they have the ability to detect deviations over an entire object, which can be critical for inspection validity.

LI ProParts expertise with a wide variety of inspection technologies gives you the ability to:

  • Quickly compare as-built to as-designed
  • Find and fix manufacturing defects
  • Measure cross-sections
  • Identify areas in and out of tolerance
  • Locate warpage

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