Reverse Engineering / Scanning

3D scanning for reverse engineering creates 3D design CAD models directly from physical parts.

Through the reverse engineering process, we extract the digital shape of physical objects that may have insufficient design documentation or that require CAD data for modern manufacturing methods. The scanning process allows a component to be quickly and accurately reverse engineered.

The 3-dimensional data that is collected and molded, can be used to troubleshoot, reproduce, study, analyze, inspect or can be applied to other future applications i.e. product enhancements. 3D CAD models can be easily updated for changes in the product design and/or tool or die design. Tools and dies can even be generated by using the surface models created by our 3D reverse engineering services.

BY translating complex physical shapes into digital models you can…

  • Create CAD models to design and develop tooling for manufacturing processes.
  • Easily make design changes in part, tool or mold.
  • Interchange CAD files with other CAD systems, product and designers, contract manufacturers, etc.

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