Samsung Office Equipment

Sales, Repairs & Service

Samsung Office Equipment

Sales, Repairs & Service

Laser Imaging’s certified printer repair service technicians repair and service many models of printers, copiers, fax machines, and plotters of Samsung®.  We offer a 24 hour response and a 100% guarantee.

 Certified Technicians

24 Hour Response Time for Office Printer Service

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

 On-Site or Drop Off

Our expert technicians have years of experience repairing and servicing office printers, along with all other office equipment. They have the tools and technology to diagnose problems, interpret error messages, and disassemble units for cleaning and replacement. You can rest assured that they will repair your printer quickly, professionally, and correctly–the first time!


Some of the common printer problems our technicians are called to resolve include:

• Slow, unresponsive printers (print too slowly or not at all)

• Malfunctioning scanners or other peripherals

• Poor print quality for text or color photos

• Paper jams

• Connectivity problems

• Technical errors

• Any many others!

Samsung Models We Service:

  • SL-C430W
  • SL-C3010DW
  • CLP-680ND
  • SL-C2620DW
  • SL-C1810W
  • SL-M2875DW
  • SL-K4350LX
  • SL-K7600GX
  • SL-K7400LX
  • SL-K4300LX
  • SL-K7600LX  
  • SL-K3250NR  
  • SL-K4250LX  
  • SL-K3300NR  
  • SL-K7500GX  
  • SL-K7400GX
  • SL-K7500LX  
  • SL-M2070W
  • SL-X4250LX
  • SL-X7500LX
  • SL-X7400LX
  • SL-X3280NR
  • SL-X3220NR
  • CLX-8640ND
  • SL-X7400GX
  • SL-X4300LX
  • SL-C480W
  • SL-X7500GX
  • SL-X7600GX
  • SL-X7600LX
  • And More!

Samsung Business Solutions

Laser Imaging has partnered with Samsung Business, a global leader in enterprise mobility and information technology.

Together, we are committed to putting the business customer at the core of everything we do by delivering comprehensive products, solutions and services across diverse industries including hospitality, education and government.

  • Printers and MFP
  • Commercial & Digital Signage
  • Desktop Monitors & Desktop Visualization


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