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We provide ink, toner and supplies for all major brands, including Samsung, Xerox, Brother, HP, Canon, Sharp, and more.

Compatible Toner

wholesale-with-couponHouston's Laser Imaging offers a complete line of compatible toner for MICR, copier, and fax machines as well as laser printers. We only offer the industry best in toner cartridges, which are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. With hundreds of different types of toner cartridges, we provide quality printing supplies at the best prices.

At Laser Imaging we feel it is important to stay ahead of the technology curve to provide our partners with the latest quality products and solutions. We strive to offer a diverse and extensive product line with new laser toner, inkjet and MICR cartridges released on a regular basis.

With the increasing demand for quality color products within the industry, a strong focus has been placed on increasing our color product line as well as emerging OEMs. Also part of our product line expansion strategy is to offer more niche products within the monochrome category.

MICR Cartridges

MICR, or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, is a technology used mostly in the banking industry, and was developed as a way for humans and computers to read the same characters. In MICR toner cartridges, the toner is magnetized with a mix of iron oxide, which allows a machine to read the magnetic characters. The great thing about MICR characters is that they can be read even if covered by other ink such as stamps. Plus, it's very fast and can scan multiple documents in just seconds. The MICR system also has special fonts to make the system streamlined and efficient.

MICR machines are becoming more and more common in banks; so much so that even small banks are able to afford to do their own printing. This rise in MICR system use has created a growing market for MICR toner cartridges and supplies. Laser Imaging, located in Houston, has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and only carries quality MICR toner cartridges.


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