Toner Recycling Program

Responsible Waste Management

Laser Imaging strongly believes in responsible waste management. Consequently, every ink and toner cartridge, along with other recyclable pieces of equipment are thoroughly examined at end of use to determine the most environmentally conscious next step: Remanufacture or Recycle.

Remanufacturing, also known as reuse, is the highest form of environmental responsibility. With remanufacturing, no plastics or metals need to be broken down. This eliminates the need for non-renewable resources to be used, making reuse superior to recycling.

Working with the nation’s leaders in office equipment recycling, Laser Imaging’s recycling program includes:

Minimizing our carbon impact

Prioritizing remanufacturing over recycling, reusing as much materials as possible

The industry’s only grinding process focused on the reclamation of raw materials from end-of-life laser toner cartridges that cannot be remanufactured.

Remanufacturing and recycling in North America

We never make a decision to recycle a piece before thoroughly evaluating it for refurbishment. Only in the cases refurbishment is not possible, do we pursue recycling.

Closed Loop Recycling Process

Closed Loop Recycling Process